Friday, December 2, 2011

I think my trusty notebook is trusty no longer.
I, like anyone else, have a habit of writing my emotions down and releasing my anger by just scribbling what's going through my head. I also, like anyone else, did not expect three younger sisters and a KGR to come and flip through and read it to my own Queen.
The first entry had been written when I was in a particularly bad mood, whether from simply not getting my way or being extremely aggravated by a previously mentioned family member. I had said several things I probably shouldn't have risked being made public and now the Queen is in a ruthless and rather sad mood no doubt, because of my stupid actions. I suppose I have a lot of praying and thinking to do on how to make it up, considering that entry was written over a month ago and the Queen's attitude really has improved quite a bit since then.
On a higher note, I'm thinking out a plot for a most recent novel idea. I think I have the main story; it's a modern retelling of Job's situation. If I get enough views on this post I'll publish the very rough draft of the first chapter in my next entry. ;)
I fell asleep wrapped in the softest, most gentle moonlight last night, which left it's elegant beauty in the morning hours: there's a pretty layer of frost outside.Tons of inspiration that I'm hoping to scrawl into something, I always do...
And, as I should've known, Mistress Shrop has plenty of cloaks... I don't think she'll be needing another one from her measly apprentice. :) So, I'll make one for my trusty sidekick Peanut Butter instead. I hope I can get the pattern, make the cloak and send it in time for at least New Years... she does live in Paradise, after all.
A very blessed December morning to you all. :)

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