Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hey guys, sorry...
It's the Queen's birthday! :) Instead of shopping after a delicious dinner at Olive Garden I went to youth group to hang out with Little Mermaid and Colin Creevey (the ever pestish stalker) and my absolutely amazing youth leaders, Pastor The Eagle and Mr. Ginger.. (yes, he has amazing ginger hair :3) The party we had here last night was REALLY fun, I won't go into some interesting details though... THE QUEEN IS GOING TO JOANN'S FABRIC TOMORROW, and I'm desperately hoping to convince her to get me my cloak pattern! The sooner I have that the sooner we can do this kick-butt photo shoot! :) Also, Tinsel, our bunny rabbit is pooping in the library and we seriously need to get her to go in her cage.. I'm not sure she likes us yet... Alright, short post, sorry guys.
Here's a picture of Tinsel. :)

Kay, g'night guys. The stars are bright tonight... <3

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, Muri Kurisimasu, Mele Kalikimaka, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwannza, "Like, Happy Holidays.." to you all! God gave me the most wonderful of days; (and nights; I sat looking at unbelievably bright stars last night and got teared up) even if it wasn't white, it was still full to the brim with blessings. He gave me that Christmas spirit last night, but maybe not the kind I had expected. I got CHRISTmas Spirit, and that was only one of the many, many gifts he gave me throughout the day.
We got a lop-eared bunny. Who we named, in honor of Christmas, Tinsel. She is SO cute, hopping along, getting used to us and the freedom of the house. I recieved a guitar strap, several picks, a pick dispenser, a new sketchpad (Spiral bound! YES! :D), new Grinch pajamas, (LOVE them) nail polish, the Son of Neptune, and two (whether the deliverers knew it or not) heartstring-plucking cards from two of my sisterly friends in Hawaii, Rose and Plumeria, whom I still need to send gifts! D: I sat on the couch with the cards in my hands in tears. There's no place like home for the holidays, and no matter where I am I can't help but feel like I belong back there. But I am with them in spirit nonetheless, feeling full in the heart and thankful. I watched the sun go down on another wonderful Christmas day, and watched the first bright star (planet, actually, I think it was Mars) appear in a black sky. One more year down. Last Christmas I had no idea these crazy, eye-opening and faith-building experiences would be brought into my life by God. I can hardly imagine what I'll be typing about this time next year.
I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I could not begin to type it all. Looking back the year seemed to go by so fast, but I had amazing friends and a loving family to back me up through whatever life threw at me, and life has good aim. It gives me goosebumps. I trust you all were blessed as much or even more so than I was. May God continue to guide me, you, my family, this nation and this world in the direction He already knows it's headed in. Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday Jesus! <3

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve? ALREADY?
I have no idea where this year went! Seriously, that was crazy. Well, I just woke up and my hair was the exact resemblance of none other than Hermione. le Poof. There will be plenty of Christmas parties to go to and one huge one that my family will be hosting on Tuesday, and then Thursday I'm going to my very first formal! Well, it's a birthday party, but it's still a winter formal. :)
For those of you looking for a good, unique Christmas movie this year, The Nativity Story pretty much has to beat them all. It's a great movie that I can never get enough of, maybe because of the clear perspective I get of the birth of Christ from it. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to post, I have cleaning to do for the party and gifts to be wrapping. I wish ALL of you a very Merry CHRISTmas, a Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating it and many other holidays to many other countries around the world. And a Happy New Year! :) God Bless.

(Although I don't think Jesus was glowing when he was born..)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

FINISHED. Finished finished finished. Not with school, but with my guitar lesson (CURSE YOU NEW SCALE ASSIGNMENT!)  and my performance. Oh gosh, I thought I was going to collapse from my jelly knees afterwards... but most everyone said I did well, so I'm glad I did it and it was fun and I'm glad it's over xD but Pastor The Eagle asked me if he might approach me in the next year and ask if I could do it again. Ooh. :)
I also got to hold his newborn little girl! She's so precious and big, holding her just made me... you know, want to have a family! I always have this vision of what my family is going to look like; Little Tristan Perseus (Or Tristan Benjamin Alexander) will be a little adorable towhead blondie with big blue eyes, a shy boy but very creative and sweet. Then Oliver Judas, three years later, who will have light hair and brown eyes, roudy little thing but very loving and content to play by himself. Then two years after that, beautiful Florence Ivanna, (Flo for short) who will want to boss the boys around but is a little princess. I guess every girl invisions this at some point, and I'm kind of positive my family isn't going to look like this, but it would be nice. :) I'd love for them to grow up in England, too, but that's not going to happen haha...
Today's our last day of school, thank heaven. Now while I sit here chomping on my "Chomp" English imported chocolate (Jealous? ;)) waiting for The Queen to come down and tell us to get to work, (Oh look here she is) I'd better get to my various assignments. Have a good Almost Friday. :3

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice!

Well, I checked my profile just now and saw that yesterday I had two page views, and today I had 21. Where did that come from?! But it makes me very happy. :) Thanks to anyone who spread the word! :D
Wow, today's the shortest day of the year. Happy Winter Solstice! According to my Percy Jackson book (heh heh) and Rick Riordan, the Olympian gods are all meeting on the top of the Empire State building to strengthen their power, since apparently evil is strongest andancient stirrings occur more heavily this day of the year. Hah.. Weather forecast says it'll be warmish until Christmas.
Well, Red has said that once she prayed for it to snow on Christmas but they ended up getting it on Valentine's Day. Come on, maybe just New Years? I'm getting ready to go sing tonight. :) Please pray that I can hit all the notes! D: it's a bit high for me. Then again my ancestors were banshees; this should be a breeze. ;) Gotta go. Have a wonderfully short day and please hope that I don't pass out before I get on stage. Not that it's ever happened before, but I tend to freak out about these things.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm singing tomorrow. I'm freaking out.
But I also have a guitar lesson tomorrow.
Strange, I'm freaking out more about the guitar lesson than I am about my performance. Hmm.
Not much to say I guess. Red and I (well more me than Red) want to do a goth/horror photoshoot with white facepaint and red lips and black eyes and dark clothes and hazy skies and long mysterious roads... but it would be cooler if I had a CAPE. But I'll try to post pictures later, once we actually do it. It should be very Nightingale-y, don't you think?
I've been practicing channeling my emotions from my deepest depths into a simple look in my eyes; nothing else in my face. Just my eyes. I'm getting better, just working on the intimidating part without making it look goofy, since I look pretty un-spooky to begin with.
I'm also working on immunizing myself to horror movies. To be quite honest I can't bear them, but I really want to like them because it seems like a very interesting genre besides the fact that I go cower in the corner with a nunchuck after the movie is over. One horror actor I'm really loving is Bill Oberst Jr. He's a Christian actor who works in the genre a whole lot, who actually played Jesus of Nazareth for, I think, twelve years in a theater production, then moved to LA to work full time. I first saw him when he stalked me and went to kill me in this Facebook application video: (Seriously, if you guys have a Facebook, you need to do this. It scared the crap out of me but it was amazing.) Afterwards I wondered who the actor was, seeing as how he was really quite good, but wasn't able to find out. Then as I was watching a Hallmark movie, The Shunning, (wonderful movie, you should totally watch it) with KGR about a month later, I saw him, and recognized him instantly. I don't remember doing it but KGR said I literally stood on the couch, freaking out, pointing at the television and screaming "OH JESUS, I KNOW WHO HE IS!!"
After I had regained my dignity I went and looked up the cast and sure enough, there he was. I checked out his bio, which I found really fascinating, and was intrigued by his faith and his ability and skill as an actor. I checked out his page on Facebook and (you have no idea how inwardly creepy that was, seeing as he'd stalked me on Facebook before) he's actually a really nice guy. I talked to him there a little, which was really a priviledge, and he quickly became my favorite actor. I encourage you all to check him out! I find the way he expresses his disturbing outward appearance kind of inspiring and thought-triggering.
Weeell, it still hasn't snowed. But Santa came by in a decorated fire truck and gave us candy canes while their speakers blasted "Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of clay." That was funny. I gotta go. Have a good night everybody!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on. Busy day.
Right now I am bearing through some unbelievable cramps and praying that even with our glorified bodies in heaven, we girls won't have to... you know, go what we go through. :) Question: Is it strange that lately I've been picturing God the Father as a tall, sandy-blonde haired man in a loose white tunic and white slacks, with a little bit of stubble and sparkling blue eyes? I mean I know several people who picture Him as old with a flowing beard. I picture Him more as a young father, not a grampa. Is this odd? Because then I see Jesus and he looks as old as the Father. Hmm. This can't be right.
The Queen is out shopping, KGR at work (He gave me his chinese food! I'm so happy) and the Three Stooges are out beating each other in the living room. Doubt much school will get done today. Practicing my song for Wednesday night, which apparently will be a day chalk-full of things to do. Christmas week should not be this busy, seriously!
But I'm feeling very loved. Still can't believe it's a week until Christmas and I'm still not excited, but I am blessed. But I'm disappointed Jesus's birthday will go by again without me being able to celebrate it with Him in person. My present to Him is a full day of praise; not much but that's what he wants, right? Happy Birthday to Goldey Locks, too! finally got her double digits yesterday. Such a big girl. :)
I have a lot of math to catch up on... and children to supervise... but it's getting colder and colder. There was a thick layer of frost this morning. :) So all I have to do is pray for snow, and maybe I'll get into the spirit! Have a good day guys. God bless. :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Got to Skype with my wonderful friend Airly last night, catch up on the stuff that's been going on in each of our lives. :) Thank heaven for computers and the Internet. I'd be one messed up kid if I didn't get to talk to old friends sometimes.
Thank heaven for Fridays, too. Really, really hoping I can finish up school quickly so we can set up our Christmas tree tonight! Also praying it will snow... Red and Goldey Locks's birthdays are four days apart, so to celebrate both of them, we are going to spend a day in Philadelphia with the New Jerseyers! YAY! I've never really been to a big city besides D.C. when I went to see a Broadway play in the Opera house at the Kennedy Center (Naw, I'm not going to brag ;), unless you want to count driving through Chicago. I, personally, really want to go to New York. Some people would call me crazy (like my parents) but that's just me. London, too, but that's far more unlikely...
I drew a picture of a girl and a horse. Originally I thought I was absolutely terrible at drawing animals but the horse turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. I'll post it tomorrow. Well, I'd better start school... have a great Friday, guys! :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here's your super long post! Try to bear through it!

Of anywhere I've ever lived, Worthington Ave. at the Hickam Air Force Base, on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, was the closest to heaven.
No one could ask for a neighborhood more filled with the friendliest people, the roudiest, most energetic kids, and the greatest friends. Every day, whether it was a weekend or not, somebody was outside. And the weather was so unbelievably perfect for hanging out all day that you barely noticed it. We lived in a duplex with our best friends, the Prichies, (lol not really their name) who were only a step and a hop over the deck away. You could be sure out great friend SpiderBen would ride up on his red scooter with a new idea for a video series as soon as he was done with his schoolwork. Most of us were homeschooled, which was totally a plus. The Smiths, Rachael, Awestin, (yeah I know, I was trying to say 'awesome' and 'Austin' at the same time) Puddles, and Miss Airly (like a sister :3) were right across the yard with their amazing Wii bowling skills, to the left and down the sidewalk were the Morans and their adorable baby, (to whom I owe all my writing passion, because they first introduced me to Percy Jackson!)  the Drakes were farther down, and the Dobrys were on the side of that long alley drive way, sometimes with their sprinkler beneath their trampoline. The Goldens and the Mays were way off, but they came down all the time to play. Just an entire road of friends. Every day we would just hang out and do the simplest but funnest things together, in that long alley, or at the park down the sidewalk, or across the road in front of my house at the tennis court and the loooong feild next to it, where we played capture the flag sometimes.
That familiar layout. Only a bikeride away from the library, or the docks where we watched the sun go down beneath the water. Even now, I could walk it blind-folded.. I remember running through the neighborhood, gathering kids, whoever wanted to play, to come out to play Manhunt or Capture the Flag. Every Friday night, under the moon. Sometimes even the boys would come in the afternoon and play baseball in the little yard behind the Smith's house, and KGR had to go out and coach when things got out of hand. ;)
I even remember constantly arguing myself into a knot with SpiderBen playing Capture the Flag.. I stole his Bama hat and stuck it in a freezer and he didn't find it all night. I was so mean to him, but we were best friends anyway. I never did apologize for that. Maybe if I had and made him promise before I moved away that he'd still talk to me, we'd still be friends now.
I remember making tons of paper cranes to hang on my ceiling in the room I shared with Red above my bed. Those were fun.
Now, painfully pulling my memory away from Fifth Avenue, I remember that Base Chapel. It's huge courtyard and the big sactuary and the MPR, (Multi Purpose Room, where the Ladies Bible Study was held, where the TNT Awana teams studied their verses, all kinds of stuff) all the classrooms.. Especially the homeschool room, where during PWoC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) about fifty kids stayed and did their work. (PWoC was a military women's program much like youth group for adults, only more sophisticated. All the women's kids stayed in various classrooms) In the AMAZING homeschool room I met my very closest friend in the world, who insisted on being called Peanut Butter in my blog. ;) (I'd rather call her Rose, because that's exactly what her personality is like. Absolutely beautiful.) We did everything together. I still remember the day I met her, reading my Sea of Monsters book from the library, thinking she was a teenager who was lost XD There at PWoC I also met my close circle of friends, Peach Prichie, (The sweetest girl you can imagine) Irish Dancer Jess, (an INCREDIBLE singer) and Maile, whom I couldn't come up with a nickname for. You never saw one of us without another, and Wednesday was most certainly the best day of the week because of it. :) Watching the chapel disappear in the rear veiw mirror was the last I ever saw of Peanut Butter, Jess, and Maile. I am not ashamed to say I cried very hard that night.
Awana was held at the Chapel, too. Oh, Awana... I watch the Queen (who is the commander of Awana at our new church) running things and doing the same things I did in Awana and it brings tears to my eyes, because it was SO much fun. SpiderBen and I were the best verse memorizers, always battling, so whenever the chart was put up during cousel time, SpiderBen and mine's little bar was way beyond the screen XD I remember sucking at the games and my team always having to stand by the dumpster.. But truthfully there was nothing like it.
I've only scratched the surface of the kinds of things I did. Good heavens, this is only the stuff on the Air Force Base! Not to mention being the Wicked Witch with SpiderBen in the Missoula Children's Theatre, taking dance lessons with Peach at the community center, and being a star swimmer with more amazing friends on the Hickam Hurricanes swimteam. My amazing three days at the North Shore beach cabin, shopping at the Ali Amanu mall, the Pearl Ridge Skyrail, Waikiki, The Awana camp! (THAT was totally amazing. BEST. WEEK. EVER.) some of the most INCREDIBLE sights... And I haven't even gotten to all the fun times at our Leeward church...
Once again, it was heaven, in all seriousness. It's where I belong. I've only scratched the surface of the kind of blessings I was able to experience there. I would give anything to relive it, but I wouldn't change anything. Maybe I wouldn't take for granted the priviledge I was given to live there. Almost all my friends have moved away, of course.. only Peanut Butter is left now, and she won't be there long. I could never know why I would be worthy to know and be influenced by such people, see and remember the things I saw, do and cherish the things I did. I still walk outside barefoot, remembering the feeling of the sand between my toes and the Tradewinds in my hair. Hawaii is so much more than a place, guys. It's so much more than gorgeous beaches and the perfect weather a sun that's always shining. I still call it Havai'i, like it's pronounced by the amazing natives. If the sightseeing's all you think it is, you're sadly mistaken. It's the people. It's home, to me.
I don't have many pictures of my life there, but what I remember will remain like a fire in my heart forever. I still remember SpiderBen saying "See ya," and riding on that alleyway with his scooter, waving to me like he did every day when I had to go inside, like he'd see me tomorrow. I still remember what it was like to sit in that plane, watching home disappear behind the clouds in a swirl of green and blue, and whispering, "Aloha" to myself. As the tears fall on the keyboard now, I acknowledge that it will always be in my blood. Mahalo, Hawai'i. I love you.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hey guys. :)
So, I had a rather nice chat with God the other day. I was just in the bathroom messing with my makeup when I had the strangest urge to read my Bible. Thinking to myself, "Okay God, you want to tell me something?" I went over and got my Bible (which I sadly don't do often enough), cracked it open to a random page, and put it down on my bed. My window was open, and the moment I put the book down, a gust of wind came through and flipped a bunch of pages, like in those cool movies! It landed on Psalms 121, which I read hastily, then reread about three times-

"Psalm 121

A song of ascents.
1 I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
2 My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.
3 He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber;
4 indeed, he who watches over Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.
5 The LORD watches over you—
the LORD is your shade at your right hand;
6 the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night.
7 The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore."

Then I sat back and thought for a pretty long time, the cool breeze still blowing in, the setting sun's orange rays illuminating my face (so poetic, right?). God never takes His eyes off of you. Not once, since even before your conception. He's watching every single move you make, watching over your sleep, guarding your thoughts and blessing everything you do, even when we almost never think about it! Why would He, someone as powerful and as busy and as holy as He is, bother to make that kind of impossible commitment for someone like me? Why would He put so much of His time into making sure I'm safe and sound and secure, every minute of every hour? Of every day? Of every week, month, year, for thirteen and 1/2 years? Why?
"Because I love you," was God's immediate response. So I sat again in thoughtful, understanding silence, thanking Him for protecting me for so long, and never blinking an eye because He loves me. And actually, it was as rewarding for me as it would be for Him hearing it. It made me joyful to thank Him, to recognize what he's done for me. I go through every day, naive, busy, ignorant, never really realizing that there's someone protecting me. Sure, I think about God throughout the day, but not nearly as much as He thinks about me, and that was very comforting. I watched the sun go down and just let the Lord love on me for a while. I thought maybe he had just been itching to express His love in some way, and I'm glad He did. It was a huge blessing.
I encourage you to let Him show you something about yourself. Let God show you something about Himself. It was eye-opening and encouraging and strengthening, and it's something all of us certainly need to experience every once in a while.
Alright, enough of my rambling. :) I have to go do my math.. *feels dread* I'll post some Hawaii pictures later, okay?
Oooh, almost forgot. Pastor The Eagle, my youth pastor, asked me to sing in his class next week.. That should prove interesting. I'd better go practice. :) Have a great day guys!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I found our old Switchfoot CD from Hawaii! Yay! We've been missing it for over a year and Red just found it in one of our moving boxes... We played it last night and I realized that we remembered all the words to all sixteen songs, because we listened to it so often in Hawaii... some of those songs brought tears to my eyes, making me remember how much I miss home. Making me remember how much I would give to relive those three years we spent there... they were definitely the best three years of my life. Thank the Lord for making a place so close to Heaven. <3
Haha, if you guys want me to make this long, emotional, memory-stabbing post about the best days in Hawaii, I will, gladly. I relive it every day. I can give you a chance to step onto that Worthington street at Hickam Air Force Base and see the things I saw, know the people I knew, do the things I did.. but that's later's post, not today's. xD
Well, my guitar lesson actually went very well! My teacher didn't even bother going over those deadly scales (YES!) and gave me two new Christmas songs which are fairly easy to practice instead. I was expecting to have to be all, "Oh, I have a terrible headache" and have him take pity on me.. nope! Thanks Lord... haha.. AND I got to see his newborn baby boy. Cutest little button ever. Reminds me of when Ladybug was born... but that was in Georgia, not Hawaii. ;)
Hey, here's an idea, why don't I write a poem about Hawaii for you guys instead? There's an idea... unless you guys want a super long post about how amazing it was. You want some pictures?

More to come. :) Have an awesome, blessing-filled day!

Monday, December 12, 2011

"Actually I'd like to blow Algebra out of existance, thanks."
The was me after The Queen asked me if my math homework was getting any better... whatever.
Well, Red should be getting home from school soon and she's going to kick me off the computer, so I might as well hurry up. Ah, everybody talks about hating Mondays and wishing they didn't exist, but... then it would just be hating on Tuesdays all the time... and the whole process would go on until weeks didn't exist at all. o.o which would rip apart the time space continium! So, sadly, we must endure them.
It getting colder and colder! Now we just have to wait for a rainy day. :)
Oy, rain and snow and coldness always gives me inspiration. I just wanna go write fifty poems about it all on my morning room roof. OH WAIT. I DON'T HAVE A MORNING ROOM ROOF TO SNEAK OUT ON ANYMORE. Thanks for ratting me out, T.D. But I did write a bit of a story I might continue on a website called Quizilla. Here it is:

She drummed her fingers on the keyboard, waiting for inspiration. She tried painfully to focus, but her eyes were always drawn again to the endless, repetitive rain that fell outside. It's maddening plip-plip sounds echoed through the huge house like a million pennies being dropped on the roof. The sycamore trees that lined the gravel driveway swayed in the violent wind, beat down by the inexhaustable pouring of water from the clouds that were ripped open that morning. The last morning Kale might ever be happy again.
Pain always brought inspiration. It was what drove her skills, her imagination. She harnessed the heartache and used it for something better than what it was. That was the only way to escape the despair. But now... for the first time in her life, the pain that seared into her memory the brand of James' facepealed at every layer Kale had ever closed around her. Every time she shed a tear, she pulled up another layer. Every time she screamed and threw her fist hard at the wall, another layer. For eight years she'd done so. Now... every layer, peeled back, burnt, destroyed. Her only protection, the thing that closed her in and shut even the sun out, ripped from Kale's hands in that hung-up phone call. Again.
The rain continued. It fell in long sheets as steady as ever.
Kale thought shehad cried every tear her body could possibly have produced. But one again, she felt a hot, uncomfortable line fall down her cheek and a soft plip as the single tearlanded on her lap.Kale ceased her drumming of the keyboard and put her face in her hands, feeling for the millionth time that daythe wave of dread and numb disbelief seize over the pit of her stomach. James couldn't be gone. It was simply impossible.
"I can't do this anymore," Kale breathed, her chest quivering. With her shell gone once again, she felt exposed, raw... vulnerable. She glanced back at the drive way. The rain could devour everything. The sky, the trees, the grass, the dirt, soaking and destroying and sweeping away every sign of happiness or joy. But somehow it was tauntingly comforting, painfully awestriking. Nothing could escape the rain. Just like how Kale could not escape the tearing of her heart and James took a piece of it away with him. Any minute now his cheap,scarlet truck would come noisily grinding up the gravel, her best friend waiting for her to come running through the rain to hop in beside him. She waited, but as she knew it, nothing happened.
Kale closed her eyes and focused again on the rain. All was unbearably silent but that.Every plip whispered to her like one voice: We are the tears wasted. You never should have cried for him. He never deserved a single tear. Every tear shedfor one who lied, pretendedcheated you of joy... we are those tears.Tears wasted.
Kale looked at the keyboard and for a fleeting moment, there was a spark of inspiration. With shaking hands, she began to paw over the keys, it's tapping drowning out the sound of the maddening, whisperings of the rain.
Tears Wasted.

So, yeah, we'll see where that goes. Showdown grows ever more interesting, while schoolwork does not.. this picture pretty much describes me:

:) Now, to my guitar lesson where I will surely push my fingers to the point of falling off and make up some excuse for not practicing. *sigh* I think I may have to stop the lessons... They make me feel like a terrible person xD Well! See you tomorrow!
P.S. We got a new car! Did I already mention that? :/

Sunday, December 11, 2011

KGR was elected deacon at my church tonight! Congrats Daddy. <3 Reminded of how proud I am to be the daughter of such a strong, wise, caring man willing to lead the people of God. :) I get a lot of who I am from him.
Well, besides that, I had a wonderful day with two of my best friends in God's house today; Little Mermaid and Miss Ninja, both of which I have no idea what I'd do without. Though I must admit in the evening service I was preoccupied with this AMAZING book...

               "Showdown", by Ted Dekker. Only three chapters in and I'm completely hooked. I've read a few of his other works, The Circle Trilogy (fantastic) and Thr3e (also fantastic. Pretty much all his stuff is absolutely fantastic.) Ted Dekker is known for his mind-bending, perspective-spinning grasp on reality and the infinite spanse beyond sanity... definately one of my biggest inspirations as a writer. Showdown circles around the spiritual realm (mainly about Satan's attempt to completely obliviate the lives of a few mortals) and is prequel and sequel, Saint and Sinner, I hear, are every bit as good as Showdown, considering it actually doesn't matter what order you read them in... Dekker's just that cool, I guess. ;)
I also find a sixty-year-old copy of The Oddessey, which I've enthusiastically sunk my teeth into, being a lover of Ancient Greek. My infatuation with Percy Jackson certainly made sure of that. I didn't know Athena turned into a man to speak to Odesseus's son! :O
A fairly good ending to a fairly normal day. Normal for now, anyway. Who knows what the week holds... (Ah, Ted always makes me feel mysterious and strange and completely numbly satisfied with darkness... it brings out the best in me, does it not?) Oh, but of course there's that moment of sickening, revolting dread when you remember school, a bothersome guitar lesson, it's Monday, for crying out loud... who wouldn't be in a foul mood...?
Sorry for the strange mess-up with the paragraph layout... I didn't know how to fix it after i inserted the cover picture... Anyway! Happy Monday!
Nightingale ~

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Okay, I just wrote an entire really long post and pressed the wrong button and it deleted the whole thing and I can't get it back.
To express my anger and annoyance, this will be today's post.
So, T.D., Goldey Locks and Ladybug were running around and being goofballs as usual, and I decide to play some Christmas music in attempt to drown them out (I should know by know that this is impossible). I searched through our drawer and found a Tchaikovsky CD (I am so proud that I can actually spell that) and called to the Queen,
"Hey mum, how about Tchaikovsky?"
T.D. interprets what I said by yelling,
Oh, my sisters, I'm telling ya... ;)
It is not cold. At all. (at least for the past few days.. today was different) And Red and I are about to go crazy. No matter how much Christmas music we play, no matter how much baking we do or decorations we hang or how desperately we pray for snow, we're just not excited about Christmas. I am ashamed of myself.
I need to spend some time being thankful for Jesus is what I need to do... that'll get me excited I'm sure. :) besides, I lived for three years in Hawaii when KGR was stationed there and we spent Thanksgiving in a little cottage up on the North Shore beach every year, and every Christmas it rained. I guess I should be thankful we've had a pretty nice December. But basically the same thought always enteres my mind: "But it snowed LAST year!"
Well, I have a science test to study for... I will leave you to your various festivities.
Hey! It frosted this morning! Thanks Jack. <3

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Why don't you date?"
This is a question I get, surprisingly, a lot.
It's certainly not as annoying as "Gosh, you're so tall," (Which I will not deny is true..) but after a while I'd like people to respect the fact that I see no need for a boyfriend at my young, innocent age... (pfft, innocent, whatever)
I know I posted an entry similar to this not that long ago but Christmas has once again brought it to my attention. About four of my galfriends have told me, "Oh, I wish I had a boyfriend to spend Christmas with" or "Seems like Christmas is the best time to be in love." And it truly breaks my heart to see them so upset that they don't have the full attention of a man to make them happy this season! Now they're all glum and it simply doesn't make sense.
I suppose I do get harsh on this subject, maybe because I feel obligated to guard my own heart. But guarding doesn't mean shutting every man out and huddling in a corner in fear of being in love. No. It means careful evaluating and inspecting them from behind the gate to see if they're worthy to be let in. I enjoy love; sometimes I wish I could be in love for Christmas too. I've experienced something like it before, but it usually didn't work out. Why, because I'm a kid. I don't know truly what love is, and that's okay. I need time to educate myself on it, to search it through and through, to purify it for myself. Some may argue that dating is a perfect way to do that. I understand, but I disagree. That's how people get hurt, in my humble opinion.
I've consented to sitting back, investigating and learning, and living my young teenage years free of romantic drama. That's another thing that's caused: Dramaaaaaa. Especially in love that is uneducated and premature and, frankly, self-centered.
I think we need to look at the two, ah, 'definitions' of love:
"You make me feel amazing when you're with me. I'm attracted to everything about you, and I think we should go out and see what happens."
Kay, that's typically the case in junior and senior high school. (But not always, I'm sure you'd say I'm wrong) Here's a more Christian based definition:
"I am going to commit everything I am to your well being and what I know is best for you, even if it hurts me. And even when the feelings of love come and go, I am going to be grounded and committed to you because it's a choice of love I made to you, not a feeling."
The first definition is a feeling, right? The second definition may seem not like love to you, but I believe it is. It's the first kind of love; the love God showed us when He chose not to leave us behind when we sinned. He chose to love us and do what He knows is best for us no matter how far we stray and no matter how much pain we cause Him sometimes. That's real love. The commitment, not the feeling. Because as we know, feeling come and go quicker than the wind. So, if we base your relationship with someone on these two definitions, which one do we think is going to last longer and hold stronger?
So, that is why I don't date. I'm a kid, who doesnt't know how to truly love yet, and I don't want to hurt anyone by pretending like I do.
And, lastly, in my opinion no real long-term relationship is going to work if it's not centered around Christ. Because only with Christ can we become unselfish, and a selfish love is no love at all. Seems perfectly in time for Christmas; going into these next few weeks let's reflect on the real love God showed us to begin with- sending His only Son to die for us so He could have a real relationship with us. What better example could we ask for?
But then again, dear, batty Miss Nightingale could be all wrong. If I am, I'll be sure to tell you... ;)
Thank you for tolerating that blurb of my mind. Happy cold, dreary December morning to you all. Nightingale~

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that don't work." -Thomas Edison, before inventing the light bulb.
This may be the best quote I've heard yet, besides "I've got a feeva... And the only prescription is more cowbell." It will be something I remember every time I mess up or try and not succeed...
My weekend was fairly uneventful, besides The New Jerseyers coming down to see us Saturday. THAT was a fun and much-needed visit, I'm telling you what. Now the stockings are hung and we're breaking out the Christmas decorations, CDs, and candles. :) Ah, this time of year NEVER lasts long enough. AND, I'm starting to worry that this year we might not get snow. :O One of my friends, SpiderBen, in Texas, got snow the other day and it was sixty degrees here, pouring rain... not fair.
So, what did you guys think of that chapter from my last post? Ya like it? Please, feel free to tell me which of those novel suggestions you would like to hear more about and I'd be happy to write a little of one of them. Though I'm not sure how free I'll be to blog and write in the next few weeks... I'm sure we'll be plenty busy. Plenty to write about, of course, but not plenty of time...
Before KGR kicks me off the laptop, GIRLS, please check out a website/blog/Facebook page called Project Inspired. It's created and run by a former model, Nicole, I believe that's her name, who found Jesus and gives all kinds of advice about beauty tips and keeping yourselves pure and a heck of a lot of information about God and life that I've found immensely helpful. She's pretty cool. :)
A very merry December month to you all, and may yours be colder than mine's been so far... :P
God bless,

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hoorah for Saturdays! And guitar lessons! And VISITING FRIENDS FROM NEW JERSEY!
Aunt Pippa, Uncle Viking, Cousin Redhead Snippet and Cousin Mancub are driving down as I type. It's been a while since we last got together. I missed them.
I suppose there isn't much to say besides I need names for my novel. Here's the rough draft of chapter one for you. Feel free to comment your ideas?

"Chapter One

"The hooded figure pulled his slippery cloak tighter around his shoulders as he moved in step with the huge beings in front of him. The swords strapped to their sides glinted in the bright light that seemed to come from all around them. It was hard to see the rest of their features because of the violent glow they gave off... Harder still for the dark figure who shuffled silently with them. He kept a safe distance from the enormous, silver, transparent wings on their backs, which swayed as the beings took their wide strides. The angel's golden heads towered at least as high as two of the cloaked spirit, facing forward, as they kept walking towards the Great Hall.
There were people everywhere- children, adults, teenagers, all parting and falling silent when he passed. The man recognized many of them; almost each and every one. But now he kept his gaze on the blinding golden street beneath him, refusing to focus on the reality. The cloak was beginning to slip; he knew it wouldn't be long before it would disappear completely. This was the moment he hated most, yet he relived it every day.
I could not begin to describe to you the building the man walked into with the angels. Everything was violently clear, yet blindingly bright. That was all it was- light. There were so many grand hallways and domed ceilings... The man knew them all, every inch of the palace he remembered. Now he loathed it.
The deeper they moved into the building the more dread had begun to build in the hooded figure's chest. He could feel the light penetrating his skin like needles, digging into him with every step. His cloak of darkness was almost gone. His feet felt heavy, his mind buzzed louder and louder, the light searching him, as if trying to find one bit of love in him. But there was none.
The man felt hollow, his skin, his muscles, his very bones feeling ripped at, clawed through. Layer after layer of his black soul was being peeled back, revealed to the terrifying light which tried to cleanse him, searing, melting...
Then it was over. His cloak was gone, his dark protection vanished. He felt utterly raw, vulnerable, exposed. The huge wings on his own bare back were spread to full length. They were pure, deepest black, tipped with a strange light. Only it was not light at all now; what had once been beautiful lines of light were now pale, golden shadows. He stood in the huge, indescribable Hall, the colorful dome above flooding the smooth floor like a rainbow. The angels in front of him kneeled low. This man did not.
He could not have looked up if he was willing to. The light burned his eyelids, searing far beyond his skin now. The very flesh and faces of the angels radiated the blinding light from simply being in the Lord's presence. One by one the angels unsealed scrolls and their low voices boomed as they gave reports.
What's the point, the man thought. He already knows it all.
He felt the Son's eyes on his face, but did not say anything as the guardians continued with their readings before the Lord. He refused to look up.
His skin screamed, his mind seized up and went numb. The light was pain to him.
"Lucifer," a calm voice said. It came from in front of him where the Throne was, but it echoed and buzzed in the back of his skull. The Son had finally spoken as the angels separated to reveal him.
"What is your business here?" the next voice asked. The Creator's voice this time. It sent a ripple through Lucifer's mind that made him want to crumple for a split second- then he got his mind back. He would not bow before Him, not now, not ever. Lucifer's wings twitched, the gold on the ends flickering.
"Do we not go over this every time?" Lucifer muttered in a voice barely audible. His own voice sounded distant. His fists clenched, trying to ignore the pain that now sore at the very soles of his feet. Then he gritted his teeth and muttered, swinging his head. "I have been walking back and forth upon the earth, blah blah blah."
The Son's eyes bored into Lucifer's face, his thoughts quietly turning themselves over. He knew His Father's glory was tearing at him.
"I come asking permission. The one called Ivy."
The words rang in the huge hall, where the many people that were in it stirred. Everyone knew of the one the Devil had spoken of. The Lord often spoke praise of her, how she followed He and the Son so devoutly.
Jesus shifted slightly in his throne, but not a thought of worry crossed his mind. He looked carefully at the stiff, dark figure that stood on the golden floor in front of him. He was like a black bird against a cloudless sky.
"You have chosen poorly, Lucifer," the Father said quietly. "Ivy is my beloved and she knows it. Would she so quickly turn away? I doubt."
A smile barely flickered on Lucifer's twisted face. "Let me try her. Did I not win with Job in the end, when I convinced his fools of friends to tell him to curse you? I swear it, she will fall the same."
The Father did not reply so quickly. Jesus could barely hear him let out a pitied sigh.
"Go, then. But you will not lay a hand on her physical condition."
With that Lucifer's wings quivered. He backed away from the throne and soon he was out of the Great Hall, out of the palace, his dark robes returning, his confidence and defiant fire reigniting in his blackened heart.
This one, he thought to himself as his cloaks familiar weight reappeared on his shoulders. This one will be fun.
The streets under Lucifer blurred as his cloak swirled around him, the pearly gates appearing, a horribly soft smile creeping up on his face. It grew and grew, wider and wider until it turned into a low laugh. Yes, this will be fun, he thought again. He pulled his cloak over his head once more, back in the protection of his lies. The only thing visible before he disappeared completely from Heaven was his poisonous smile."

As you may have guessed, the novel will be about Satan's attempts to destroy a young woman named Ivy Beauregard. Should prove interesting. Other possible novels I could start: "Time", "Cora's Stars", "The Puppeteer" and "The Mythkeeper Chronicles". Which sound most interesting? Feel free to tell!
Have a wonderful Saturday all. :) Mine should be fun.

P.S. Best part of today may be the HARRY POTTER MARATHON! *victory dance*

Friday, December 2, 2011

I think my trusty notebook is trusty no longer.
I, like anyone else, have a habit of writing my emotions down and releasing my anger by just scribbling what's going through my head. I also, like anyone else, did not expect three younger sisters and a KGR to come and flip through and read it to my own Queen.
The first entry had been written when I was in a particularly bad mood, whether from simply not getting my way or being extremely aggravated by a previously mentioned family member. I had said several things I probably shouldn't have risked being made public and now the Queen is in a ruthless and rather sad mood no doubt, because of my stupid actions. I suppose I have a lot of praying and thinking to do on how to make it up, considering that entry was written over a month ago and the Queen's attitude really has improved quite a bit since then.
On a higher note, I'm thinking out a plot for a most recent novel idea. I think I have the main story; it's a modern retelling of Job's situation. If I get enough views on this post I'll publish the very rough draft of the first chapter in my next entry. ;)
I fell asleep wrapped in the softest, most gentle moonlight last night, which left it's elegant beauty in the morning hours: there's a pretty layer of frost outside.Tons of inspiration that I'm hoping to scrawl into something, I always do...
And, as I should've known, Mistress Shrop has plenty of cloaks... I don't think she'll be needing another one from her measly apprentice. :) So, I'll make one for my trusty sidekick Peanut Butter instead. I hope I can get the pattern, make the cloak and send it in time for at least New Years... she does live in Paradise, after all.
A very blessed December morning to you all. :)