Sunday, December 11, 2011

KGR was elected deacon at my church tonight! Congrats Daddy. <3 Reminded of how proud I am to be the daughter of such a strong, wise, caring man willing to lead the people of God. :) I get a lot of who I am from him.
Well, besides that, I had a wonderful day with two of my best friends in God's house today; Little Mermaid and Miss Ninja, both of which I have no idea what I'd do without. Though I must admit in the evening service I was preoccupied with this AMAZING book...

               "Showdown", by Ted Dekker. Only three chapters in and I'm completely hooked. I've read a few of his other works, The Circle Trilogy (fantastic) and Thr3e (also fantastic. Pretty much all his stuff is absolutely fantastic.) Ted Dekker is known for his mind-bending, perspective-spinning grasp on reality and the infinite spanse beyond sanity... definately one of my biggest inspirations as a writer. Showdown circles around the spiritual realm (mainly about Satan's attempt to completely obliviate the lives of a few mortals) and is prequel and sequel, Saint and Sinner, I hear, are every bit as good as Showdown, considering it actually doesn't matter what order you read them in... Dekker's just that cool, I guess. ;)
I also find a sixty-year-old copy of The Oddessey, which I've enthusiastically sunk my teeth into, being a lover of Ancient Greek. My infatuation with Percy Jackson certainly made sure of that. I didn't know Athena turned into a man to speak to Odesseus's son! :O
A fairly good ending to a fairly normal day. Normal for now, anyway. Who knows what the week holds... (Ah, Ted always makes me feel mysterious and strange and completely numbly satisfied with darkness... it brings out the best in me, does it not?) Oh, but of course there's that moment of sickening, revolting dread when you remember school, a bothersome guitar lesson, it's Monday, for crying out loud... who wouldn't be in a foul mood...?
Sorry for the strange mess-up with the paragraph layout... I didn't know how to fix it after i inserted the cover picture... Anyway! Happy Monday!
Nightingale ~

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