Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice!

Well, I checked my profile just now and saw that yesterday I had two page views, and today I had 21. Where did that come from?! But it makes me very happy. :) Thanks to anyone who spread the word! :D
Wow, today's the shortest day of the year. Happy Winter Solstice! According to my Percy Jackson book (heh heh) and Rick Riordan, the Olympian gods are all meeting on the top of the Empire State building to strengthen their power, since apparently evil is strongest andancient stirrings occur more heavily this day of the year. Hah.. Weather forecast says it'll be warmish until Christmas.
Well, Red has said that once she prayed for it to snow on Christmas but they ended up getting it on Valentine's Day. Come on, maybe just New Years? I'm getting ready to go sing tonight. :) Please pray that I can hit all the notes! D: it's a bit high for me. Then again my ancestors were banshees; this should be a breeze. ;) Gotta go. Have a wonderfully short day and please hope that I don't pass out before I get on stage. Not that it's ever happened before, but I tend to freak out about these things.

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