Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that don't work." -Thomas Edison, before inventing the light bulb.
This may be the best quote I've heard yet, besides "I've got a feeva... And the only prescription is more cowbell." It will be something I remember every time I mess up or try and not succeed...
My weekend was fairly uneventful, besides The New Jerseyers coming down to see us Saturday. THAT was a fun and much-needed visit, I'm telling you what. Now the stockings are hung and we're breaking out the Christmas decorations, CDs, and candles. :) Ah, this time of year NEVER lasts long enough. AND, I'm starting to worry that this year we might not get snow. :O One of my friends, SpiderBen, in Texas, got snow the other day and it was sixty degrees here, pouring rain... not fair.
So, what did you guys think of that chapter from my last post? Ya like it? Please, feel free to tell me which of those novel suggestions you would like to hear more about and I'd be happy to write a little of one of them. Though I'm not sure how free I'll be to blog and write in the next few weeks... I'm sure we'll be plenty busy. Plenty to write about, of course, but not plenty of time...
Before KGR kicks me off the laptop, GIRLS, please check out a website/blog/Facebook page called Project Inspired. It's created and run by a former model, Nicole, I believe that's her name, who found Jesus and gives all kinds of advice about beauty tips and keeping yourselves pure and a heck of a lot of information about God and life that I've found immensely helpful. She's pretty cool. :)
A very merry December month to you all, and may yours be colder than mine's been so far... :P
God bless,

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