Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I found our old Switchfoot CD from Hawaii! Yay! We've been missing it for over a year and Red just found it in one of our moving boxes... We played it last night and I realized that we remembered all the words to all sixteen songs, because we listened to it so often in Hawaii... some of those songs brought tears to my eyes, making me remember how much I miss home. Making me remember how much I would give to relive those three years we spent there... they were definitely the best three years of my life. Thank the Lord for making a place so close to Heaven. <3
Haha, if you guys want me to make this long, emotional, memory-stabbing post about the best days in Hawaii, I will, gladly. I relive it every day. I can give you a chance to step onto that Worthington street at Hickam Air Force Base and see the things I saw, know the people I knew, do the things I did.. but that's later's post, not today's. xD
Well, my guitar lesson actually went very well! My teacher didn't even bother going over those deadly scales (YES!) and gave me two new Christmas songs which are fairly easy to practice instead. I was expecting to have to be all, "Oh, I have a terrible headache" and have him take pity on me.. nope! Thanks Lord... haha.. AND I got to see his newborn baby boy. Cutest little button ever. Reminds me of when Ladybug was born... but that was in Georgia, not Hawaii. ;)
Hey, here's an idea, why don't I write a poem about Hawaii for you guys instead? There's an idea... unless you guys want a super long post about how amazing it was. You want some pictures?

More to come. :) Have an awesome, blessing-filled day!

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