Thursday, December 22, 2011

FINISHED. Finished finished finished. Not with school, but with my guitar lesson (CURSE YOU NEW SCALE ASSIGNMENT!)  and my performance. Oh gosh, I thought I was going to collapse from my jelly knees afterwards... but most everyone said I did well, so I'm glad I did it and it was fun and I'm glad it's over xD but Pastor The Eagle asked me if he might approach me in the next year and ask if I could do it again. Ooh. :)
I also got to hold his newborn little girl! She's so precious and big, holding her just made me... you know, want to have a family! I always have this vision of what my family is going to look like; Little Tristan Perseus (Or Tristan Benjamin Alexander) will be a little adorable towhead blondie with big blue eyes, a shy boy but very creative and sweet. Then Oliver Judas, three years later, who will have light hair and brown eyes, roudy little thing but very loving and content to play by himself. Then two years after that, beautiful Florence Ivanna, (Flo for short) who will want to boss the boys around but is a little princess. I guess every girl invisions this at some point, and I'm kind of positive my family isn't going to look like this, but it would be nice. :) I'd love for them to grow up in England, too, but that's not going to happen haha...
Today's our last day of school, thank heaven. Now while I sit here chomping on my "Chomp" English imported chocolate (Jealous? ;)) waiting for The Queen to come down and tell us to get to work, (Oh look here she is) I'd better get to my various assignments. Have a good Almost Friday. :3

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