Thursday, December 8, 2011

So, T.D., Goldey Locks and Ladybug were running around and being goofballs as usual, and I decide to play some Christmas music in attempt to drown them out (I should know by know that this is impossible). I searched through our drawer and found a Tchaikovsky CD (I am so proud that I can actually spell that) and called to the Queen,
"Hey mum, how about Tchaikovsky?"
T.D. interprets what I said by yelling,
Oh, my sisters, I'm telling ya... ;)
It is not cold. At all. (at least for the past few days.. today was different) And Red and I are about to go crazy. No matter how much Christmas music we play, no matter how much baking we do or decorations we hang or how desperately we pray for snow, we're just not excited about Christmas. I am ashamed of myself.
I need to spend some time being thankful for Jesus is what I need to do... that'll get me excited I'm sure. :) besides, I lived for three years in Hawaii when KGR was stationed there and we spent Thanksgiving in a little cottage up on the North Shore beach every year, and every Christmas it rained. I guess I should be thankful we've had a pretty nice December. But basically the same thought always enteres my mind: "But it snowed LAST year!"
Well, I have a science test to study for... I will leave you to your various festivities.
Hey! It frosted this morning! Thanks Jack. <3

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