Friday, December 16, 2011

Got to Skype with my wonderful friend Airly last night, catch up on the stuff that's been going on in each of our lives. :) Thank heaven for computers and the Internet. I'd be one messed up kid if I didn't get to talk to old friends sometimes.
Thank heaven for Fridays, too. Really, really hoping I can finish up school quickly so we can set up our Christmas tree tonight! Also praying it will snow... Red and Goldey Locks's birthdays are four days apart, so to celebrate both of them, we are going to spend a day in Philadelphia with the New Jerseyers! YAY! I've never really been to a big city besides D.C. when I went to see a Broadway play in the Opera house at the Kennedy Center (Naw, I'm not going to brag ;), unless you want to count driving through Chicago. I, personally, really want to go to New York. Some people would call me crazy (like my parents) but that's just me. London, too, but that's far more unlikely...
I drew a picture of a girl and a horse. Originally I thought I was absolutely terrible at drawing animals but the horse turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. I'll post it tomorrow. Well, I'd better start school... have a great Friday, guys! :)

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