Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm singing tomorrow. I'm freaking out.
But I also have a guitar lesson tomorrow.
Strange, I'm freaking out more about the guitar lesson than I am about my performance. Hmm.
Not much to say I guess. Red and I (well more me than Red) want to do a goth/horror photoshoot with white facepaint and red lips and black eyes and dark clothes and hazy skies and long mysterious roads... but it would be cooler if I had a CAPE. But I'll try to post pictures later, once we actually do it. It should be very Nightingale-y, don't you think?
I've been practicing channeling my emotions from my deepest depths into a simple look in my eyes; nothing else in my face. Just my eyes. I'm getting better, just working on the intimidating part without making it look goofy, since I look pretty un-spooky to begin with.
I'm also working on immunizing myself to horror movies. To be quite honest I can't bear them, but I really want to like them because it seems like a very interesting genre besides the fact that I go cower in the corner with a nunchuck after the movie is over. One horror actor I'm really loving is Bill Oberst Jr. He's a Christian actor who works in the genre a whole lot, who actually played Jesus of Nazareth for, I think, twelve years in a theater production, then moved to LA to work full time. I first saw him when he stalked me and went to kill me in this Facebook application video: http://www.takethislollipop.com/ (Seriously, if you guys have a Facebook, you need to do this. It scared the crap out of me but it was amazing.) Afterwards I wondered who the actor was, seeing as how he was really quite good, but wasn't able to find out. Then as I was watching a Hallmark movie, The Shunning, (wonderful movie, you should totally watch it) with KGR about a month later, I saw him, and recognized him instantly. I don't remember doing it but KGR said I literally stood on the couch, freaking out, pointing at the television and screaming "OH JESUS, I KNOW WHO HE IS!!"
After I had regained my dignity I went and looked up the cast and sure enough, there he was. I checked out his bio, which I found really fascinating, and was intrigued by his faith and his ability and skill as an actor. I checked out his page on Facebook and (you have no idea how inwardly creepy that was, seeing as he'd stalked me on Facebook before) he's actually a really nice guy. I talked to him there a little, which was really a priviledge, and he quickly became my favorite actor. I encourage you all to check him out! I find the way he expresses his disturbing outward appearance kind of inspiring and thought-triggering.
Weeell, it still hasn't snowed. But Santa came by in a decorated fire truck and gave us candy canes while their speakers blasted "Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of clay." That was funny. I gotta go. Have a good night everybody!

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