Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on. Busy day.
Right now I am bearing through some unbelievable cramps and praying that even with our glorified bodies in heaven, we girls won't have to... you know, go what we go through. :) Question: Is it strange that lately I've been picturing God the Father as a tall, sandy-blonde haired man in a loose white tunic and white slacks, with a little bit of stubble and sparkling blue eyes? I mean I know several people who picture Him as old with a flowing beard. I picture Him more as a young father, not a grampa. Is this odd? Because then I see Jesus and he looks as old as the Father. Hmm. This can't be right.
The Queen is out shopping, KGR at work (He gave me his chinese food! I'm so happy) and the Three Stooges are out beating each other in the living room. Doubt much school will get done today. Practicing my song for Wednesday night, which apparently will be a day chalk-full of things to do. Christmas week should not be this busy, seriously!
But I'm feeling very loved. Still can't believe it's a week until Christmas and I'm still not excited, but I am blessed. But I'm disappointed Jesus's birthday will go by again without me being able to celebrate it with Him in person. My present to Him is a full day of praise; not much but that's what he wants, right? Happy Birthday to Goldey Locks, too! finally got her double digits yesterday. Such a big girl. :)
I have a lot of math to catch up on... and children to supervise... but it's getting colder and colder. There was a thick layer of frost this morning. :) So all I have to do is pray for snow, and maybe I'll get into the spirit! Have a good day guys. God bless. :)

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