Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hey guys, sorry...
It's the Queen's birthday! :) Instead of shopping after a delicious dinner at Olive Garden I went to youth group to hang out with Little Mermaid and Colin Creevey (the ever pestish stalker) and my absolutely amazing youth leaders, Pastor The Eagle and Mr. Ginger.. (yes, he has amazing ginger hair :3) The party we had here last night was REALLY fun, I won't go into some interesting details though... THE QUEEN IS GOING TO JOANN'S FABRIC TOMORROW, and I'm desperately hoping to convince her to get me my cloak pattern! The sooner I have that the sooner we can do this kick-butt photo shoot! :) Also, Tinsel, our bunny rabbit is pooping in the library and we seriously need to get her to go in her cage.. I'm not sure she likes us yet... Alright, short post, sorry guys.
Here's a picture of Tinsel. :)

Kay, g'night guys. The stars are bright tonight... <3

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