Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hoorah for Saturdays! And guitar lessons! And VISITING FRIENDS FROM NEW JERSEY!
Aunt Pippa, Uncle Viking, Cousin Redhead Snippet and Cousin Mancub are driving down as I type. It's been a while since we last got together. I missed them.
I suppose there isn't much to say besides I need names for my novel. Here's the rough draft of chapter one for you. Feel free to comment your ideas?

"Chapter One

"The hooded figure pulled his slippery cloak tighter around his shoulders as he moved in step with the huge beings in front of him. The swords strapped to their sides glinted in the bright light that seemed to come from all around them. It was hard to see the rest of their features because of the violent glow they gave off... Harder still for the dark figure who shuffled silently with them. He kept a safe distance from the enormous, silver, transparent wings on their backs, which swayed as the beings took their wide strides. The angel's golden heads towered at least as high as two of the cloaked spirit, facing forward, as they kept walking towards the Great Hall.
There were people everywhere- children, adults, teenagers, all parting and falling silent when he passed. The man recognized many of them; almost each and every one. But now he kept his gaze on the blinding golden street beneath him, refusing to focus on the reality. The cloak was beginning to slip; he knew it wouldn't be long before it would disappear completely. This was the moment he hated most, yet he relived it every day.
I could not begin to describe to you the building the man walked into with the angels. Everything was violently clear, yet blindingly bright. That was all it was- light. There were so many grand hallways and domed ceilings... The man knew them all, every inch of the palace he remembered. Now he loathed it.
The deeper they moved into the building the more dread had begun to build in the hooded figure's chest. He could feel the light penetrating his skin like needles, digging into him with every step. His cloak of darkness was almost gone. His feet felt heavy, his mind buzzed louder and louder, the light searching him, as if trying to find one bit of love in him. But there was none.
The man felt hollow, his skin, his muscles, his very bones feeling ripped at, clawed through. Layer after layer of his black soul was being peeled back, revealed to the terrifying light which tried to cleanse him, searing, melting...
Then it was over. His cloak was gone, his dark protection vanished. He felt utterly raw, vulnerable, exposed. The huge wings on his own bare back were spread to full length. They were pure, deepest black, tipped with a strange light. Only it was not light at all now; what had once been beautiful lines of light were now pale, golden shadows. He stood in the huge, indescribable Hall, the colorful dome above flooding the smooth floor like a rainbow. The angels in front of him kneeled low. This man did not.
He could not have looked up if he was willing to. The light burned his eyelids, searing far beyond his skin now. The very flesh and faces of the angels radiated the blinding light from simply being in the Lord's presence. One by one the angels unsealed scrolls and their low voices boomed as they gave reports.
What's the point, the man thought. He already knows it all.
He felt the Son's eyes on his face, but did not say anything as the guardians continued with their readings before the Lord. He refused to look up.
His skin screamed, his mind seized up and went numb. The light was pain to him.
"Lucifer," a calm voice said. It came from in front of him where the Throne was, but it echoed and buzzed in the back of his skull. The Son had finally spoken as the angels separated to reveal him.
"What is your business here?" the next voice asked. The Creator's voice this time. It sent a ripple through Lucifer's mind that made him want to crumple for a split second- then he got his mind back. He would not bow before Him, not now, not ever. Lucifer's wings twitched, the gold on the ends flickering.
"Do we not go over this every time?" Lucifer muttered in a voice barely audible. His own voice sounded distant. His fists clenched, trying to ignore the pain that now sore at the very soles of his feet. Then he gritted his teeth and muttered, swinging his head. "I have been walking back and forth upon the earth, blah blah blah."
The Son's eyes bored into Lucifer's face, his thoughts quietly turning themselves over. He knew His Father's glory was tearing at him.
"I come asking permission. The one called Ivy."
The words rang in the huge hall, where the many people that were in it stirred. Everyone knew of the one the Devil had spoken of. The Lord often spoke praise of her, how she followed He and the Son so devoutly.
Jesus shifted slightly in his throne, but not a thought of worry crossed his mind. He looked carefully at the stiff, dark figure that stood on the golden floor in front of him. He was like a black bird against a cloudless sky.
"You have chosen poorly, Lucifer," the Father said quietly. "Ivy is my beloved and she knows it. Would she so quickly turn away? I doubt."
A smile barely flickered on Lucifer's twisted face. "Let me try her. Did I not win with Job in the end, when I convinced his fools of friends to tell him to curse you? I swear it, she will fall the same."
The Father did not reply so quickly. Jesus could barely hear him let out a pitied sigh.
"Go, then. But you will not lay a hand on her physical condition."
With that Lucifer's wings quivered. He backed away from the throne and soon he was out of the Great Hall, out of the palace, his dark robes returning, his confidence and defiant fire reigniting in his blackened heart.
This one, he thought to himself as his cloaks familiar weight reappeared on his shoulders. This one will be fun.
The streets under Lucifer blurred as his cloak swirled around him, the pearly gates appearing, a horribly soft smile creeping up on his face. It grew and grew, wider and wider until it turned into a low laugh. Yes, this will be fun, he thought again. He pulled his cloak over his head once more, back in the protection of his lies. The only thing visible before he disappeared completely from Heaven was his poisonous smile."

As you may have guessed, the novel will be about Satan's attempts to destroy a young woman named Ivy Beauregard. Should prove interesting. Other possible novels I could start: "Time", "Cora's Stars", "The Puppeteer" and "The Mythkeeper Chronicles". Which sound most interesting? Feel free to tell!
Have a wonderful Saturday all. :) Mine should be fun.

P.S. Best part of today may be the HARRY POTTER MARATHON! *victory dance*

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