Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I wrote down a page of my thoughts in my trusty notebook the other day...

"I believe there is no limit to the mind's capacity to wander, to explore. There is no boundary to the amounth of 'muchness' that the brain can discover, if one chooses to let it. I find more and more that the more I daydream, the more focus I have later, and my mind only itches to fly further the next time.
"But many people, I suppose, since the universe was opened to us, refuse to let their brains search freely. Perhaps they're afraid of what they'll find in that dimension; their worst fear, their lost dream, the truth, maybe. Others have tried to push their mind to it's full extent and choose never to do so again because it felt so bizarre and absurd to think so far from the ground we're used to.
"Some, like myself, fall in love with the odd, backwards, magnificent world we discover wihtin our own noggins and press to find out more. And then there are a few... well, the lucky- or unlucky- few who go so far into that personal madness that they are never able to come back to reality again; those we call 'crazy.'
"There;s so, so much to know about the brain's habits, it's intended nature. How different, individual people can mold and create their own worlds in their minds apart from anyone elses. There's so much to know about these worlds in fact, that our scientists only know a fleck or two of what the brain can really do. But every once in a while, when we don't expect it, we are allowed a glimpse of what it's like beyong santiy. In dreams, in the mind-bending shock of horror relived on a screen, in the split second between life and death. Those terryfying moments are what click something in me, what keep me going.
"These are the things that inspire me, help me create and think out my novels. It is the backbone of my creativity, and the foundation of my storyteller's heart. The more I'm able to unlock, the more doors I see to open, and I try to take every opportunity to scrawl them into my nightmarish, twisted pages.
"I don't really believe my mind will ever stop rising higher. There may come a day when God takes my imagination so high that I'll never want it to fall. But I'll tell you a secret- some of the most brilliant people who ever lived were most likely completely bonkers.
"I am odd, I am strange. I am the epitomy of Quirk. I am the Mistress of the Ridiculous and the Lover of the Monster, and I for one shall never, ever stop dreaming."


Monday, November 28, 2011

Driver Ed taught Driver's Ed once again. :)
I just took his nice car out onto the road for the first time. It was pretty cool, but I freaked out a little when a moving truck past me on a sharp turn. Once small step for my family, one giant step for thirteen-year-olds everywhere. Can't wait to do it again; though I have the feeling I won't be doing it again for a while. KGR's not so enthusiastic about my young driving skills as Driver Ed...
I'm trying to make a list of what to get my friends for Christmas. Seems like I get them the same thing every year. Mostly I have to get small things because most of my friends are still back in Hawaii. I only have a few here. The Queen and KGR have made it kind of clear that we're not getting a whole lot for Christmas this year, considering we just got a huge house and a pretty expensive water system, so I'm sticking to just a few big things. ;)
The Queen and I have been looking for cloak patterns. I want a long, black, hooded cloak, elf/Lord of the Rings/ fantasy style, and the Queen and Gran are rather impressive at sewing. It will make me that much more of a Weapon of Mass Destruction. I must make one for my Mistress Shrop (the amazing wizard of New Jersey to whom I am apprenticed) as well.
One more thought before the computer timer system kicks me off...
I hate algebra.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I love my sister Red. I really, really do.
Of course, I dearly love all my sisters, but Red and I have built this special bond over the last few years and that bond has become very precious to me. We do everything together; laugh together, argue together, scheme and plot against The Queen together, (wink wink) and just generally spend the most time with each other. Some of my best memories are with her.
She loves photography, Latin, Harry Potter (like myself :3) Jesus, and American Eagle jeans. Sometimes she annoys the crud out of me but most of the time we get along. Unless I steal her American Eagle jeans.
I am often the subject of most of her photoshoots and she is looking to have more than just me to shoot. :) check out her Facebook page!!/Abbey.Thompson.Photography
She's getting really good.
Love you Red.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Uncle Carpenter, Grampa "Driver Ed" and Gran are here at the house, working on The Queen's island for the kitchen. Basically for the past three days the only sounds to be heard are nail guns and saws. As of half an hour ago, it's finished, (Thank the Lord) and it looks absolutely snazzy. :) The Queen loves it and I'm just thankful the endless pounding in the kitchen right below my room is (hopefully) over.
Who heard about the batty old lady who pepper sprayed a bunch of people during Black Friday? I just really don't get the point of being so deperate to spend your money. We have an entire month, and people are trampling each other like there's no tomorrow. I think this is what happened:
"Oh, I'm so full, I never should've eaten so much pumpkin pie... I've been sitting around the house all day HEY WHY DON'T WE GO TO WALMART IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?"
Red even had trouble hauling herself up the stairs yesterday, calling herself a lard butt. It was rather entertaining.
In other news, I've been on the look out for background non-union film casting calls. If anyone hears about any in the Philly area, please comment. I'm praying that it might be a direction God has me heading in.
Thanksgiving may be over but the time for being thankful has just begun. What are you thankful for? Feel free to comment. :)
"The pure heart is like a diamond. Precious, rare, extremely valuable. And something I can guarantee most men, somewhere deep down, desire."
(This post may be aimed at girls mostly, but can be applied to guys)
This quote has got me thinking over the last few days. I don't know who said it but I know they're very true. Pure, thought-out women are precious in general, and I've decided that that's who I want to be.
It's your best friend's birthday. You go to the store and buy her some... nail polish. You get the nail polish and let your other friend use some of it. Alright, that's only a little; you've still got some of the polish left, they won't even notice. Friend after friend uses it and pretty soon, more than half of the bottle is gone. The friend's birthday rolls around and then you put the polish in the bag and give it to your friend at the party!
How thoughtful is that.
Needless to say, your friend is going to be a little disappointed, right? They may not show it, but they're going to wish you hadn't given it away before you gave it to them.
God has someone for everyone. Hand-crafted for you. God thought of them as He made you. I'm not saying that it's wrong to date. I'm saying if you're careless, you're going to regret it. I don't want to give my future husband the little chunk of my heart that's left after my whole teenage years spent dating whoever'll have me. That's not fair on his part; he may have kept his whole heart just for me his whole life.
I may sound a little harsh, but I just thought I'd say this, because it's a commitment I've made this week. Girls, be very careful; we're precious, and I think we're going to be glad that we did if we keep ourselves polished. Guys too.
Thanks to my awesome friend Peanut Butter for unconciously helping me remember that. ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for stretchy stomachs.
Alright, I take that back; I'd probably be in much better shape physically if stomachs weren't stretchy. But as I type I'm sitting here about to fall asleep at the keyboard.
I'm thankful for a huge family to spend this day with; laughs all around the dining room table to share. I know many people are spending today alone.
I'm thankful for too much food. I've been blessed far beyond my wildest dreams and far beyond what I deserve, and that is only a small part of how lucky I am.
I'm thankful for a family that drives me crazy. :) We may have our ups and downs but I wouldn't be the girl of God I am today without them.
I'm thankful that my dear Air Force KGR is here, and not away in the Middle East. He originally would've been deployed to Afghanistan right now, but is sitting at our table here because of a knee surgery he had several weeks ago. Praise God for ripped tendons...
And I'm also thankful for the soldiers who aren't here. The brave men and women who are across the sea so we could all be together here. They make these occasions possible.
We have so, so much to be thankful for, and today shouldn't be the only day we remember that.
I'm also thankful for blogs. And Severus Snape GPSes. Those are fun.
Have a wonderful day guys,
A thankful Nightingale~

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Alright, I'm posting early, because Wednesdays are like the busiest days of my week.
I went to an agricultural museum yesterday with KGR and my three younger sisters (did I mention the four younger kids are homeschooled but Red isn't?) and it was actually kinda fun. Basically The Queen kicked us out of the house for the day so she could paint the living room with grandma. (We also just built a new house and have only been living in it about a month. The paint's rather nice) We went into this cool old church and it was fun to see the little mini piano and everything...
I went outside and looked around and came back, attempting to shut out the cold with my measly little Old Navy jacket, when I heard a thud and a yell from inside the church.
Needless to say, I was not at all surprised, or concerned.
KGR went all Army Sargent. He was no longer the Kind and Generous Rhinoceros. See, what happened was, Goldey Locks wanted to play the mini piano and T.D didn't want her to so she pushed Goldey off the bench and Goldey comes around and hits T.D in the face with her purse.
The smart thing to do was shut up at this point and follow the fuming KGR, nervously past the blacksmith's shop which was full of hammers, icepicks, etc.; things dad was probably itching to get his hands on...
I'll be honest, stuff like this happens in my family more often than you might think. But besides that, it was a good day.
Here's a poem I wrote a few days ago for your enjoyment... I was in a darker mood that day.

 Who can know the darkness?
Who can hear it's thoughts?
Who can tame it's silent cries
Or pull it's secret's taut?

Where does it hide in daytime,
Does it recoil unto the earth?
Does it lie in waiting
For the moon to hail it's birth?

Why does it's quiet beauty
Go unseen by the the world?
As people sleep the night away,
My starry skies unfurl.

Does the devil, slick and sharp,
Do his work at night?
Walk back and forth upon the earth
For those worthy of a fight?

Now, who can know the darkness,
Elegant but wry?
Who alone can love it?
I tell you, none but I.

Well, I've got a guitar lesson and countless other things to do today before youth group, so I'd better hop to it.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Note 1: See, I know a lot of people on Facebook who just post and post and post junk every five minutes. It can get rather annoying, and sorta takes up our space, and then we end up blocking them or something.
I am here to tell you that I am one of those people.
So, to avoid being annoying, (and for many, many other reasons, trust me) I've decided to create a blog, where I can post my many thoughts and ideas without it seeming unnecessary. You see, I, like many others, am an individual who has a lot to say.

Note 2: I am nothing like a nightingale. I'm more of a toocan, but nightingale just sounded cooler.

Note 3: As my profile suggests, I am an author, an artist, and an actress, among many other things. These important compotents of my persona will most likely reflect in the posts ahead. I am also apprenticed to a wizard in New Jersey to become a weapon of mass destruction (kidding). Though that little detail will probably not, on the other hand, reflect in the posts ahead.

Note 4: I am a deeply motivated Christian and will often post things about God and my faith. Please understand that any complaints about my religious posting will under no circumstances change what I write, although I am very open to answering any questions about my faith.

Note 5: The people I write about with have stage names... I'm still working on those. My mom is The Queen, my dad is the Kind and Generous Rhinocerous, (KGR) and my four sisters are Red (eldest. She has a blog, too; I don't know what it's called) Goldey Locks (sister below me and the only blonde in the family) Tazmanian Devil (T.D., the sister below her) and littlest, Ladybug, who may very well turn out to be just like T.D. Yes, I have four sisters, no brothers. ("Oh, her poor father")

Note 6: I am very new to this blogging thing and chances are I won't do everything right. But bear with me, and together we'll make this something of an enjoyable hobby.

Just thought I'd put that all out there..