Monday, November 28, 2011

Driver Ed taught Driver's Ed once again. :)
I just took his nice car out onto the road for the first time. It was pretty cool, but I freaked out a little when a moving truck past me on a sharp turn. Once small step for my family, one giant step for thirteen-year-olds everywhere. Can't wait to do it again; though I have the feeling I won't be doing it again for a while. KGR's not so enthusiastic about my young driving skills as Driver Ed...
I'm trying to make a list of what to get my friends for Christmas. Seems like I get them the same thing every year. Mostly I have to get small things because most of my friends are still back in Hawaii. I only have a few here. The Queen and KGR have made it kind of clear that we're not getting a whole lot for Christmas this year, considering we just got a huge house and a pretty expensive water system, so I'm sticking to just a few big things. ;)
The Queen and I have been looking for cloak patterns. I want a long, black, hooded cloak, elf/Lord of the Rings/ fantasy style, and the Queen and Gran are rather impressive at sewing. It will make me that much more of a Weapon of Mass Destruction. I must make one for my Mistress Shrop (the amazing wizard of New Jersey to whom I am apprenticed) as well.
One more thought before the computer timer system kicks me off...
I hate algebra.

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