Saturday, November 26, 2011

I love my sister Red. I really, really do.
Of course, I dearly love all my sisters, but Red and I have built this special bond over the last few years and that bond has become very precious to me. We do everything together; laugh together, argue together, scheme and plot against The Queen together, (wink wink) and just generally spend the most time with each other. Some of my best memories are with her.
She loves photography, Latin, Harry Potter (like myself :3) Jesus, and American Eagle jeans. Sometimes she annoys the crud out of me but most of the time we get along. Unless I steal her American Eagle jeans.
I am often the subject of most of her photoshoots and she is looking to have more than just me to shoot. :) check out her Facebook page!!/Abbey.Thompson.Photography
She's getting really good.
Love you Red.

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