Friday, November 25, 2011

Uncle Carpenter, Grampa "Driver Ed" and Gran are here at the house, working on The Queen's island for the kitchen. Basically for the past three days the only sounds to be heard are nail guns and saws. As of half an hour ago, it's finished, (Thank the Lord) and it looks absolutely snazzy. :) The Queen loves it and I'm just thankful the endless pounding in the kitchen right below my room is (hopefully) over.
Who heard about the batty old lady who pepper sprayed a bunch of people during Black Friday? I just really don't get the point of being so deperate to spend your money. We have an entire month, and people are trampling each other like there's no tomorrow. I think this is what happened:
"Oh, I'm so full, I never should've eaten so much pumpkin pie... I've been sitting around the house all day HEY WHY DON'T WE GO TO WALMART IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?"
Red even had trouble hauling herself up the stairs yesterday, calling herself a lard butt. It was rather entertaining.
In other news, I've been on the look out for background non-union film casting calls. If anyone hears about any in the Philly area, please comment. I'm praying that it might be a direction God has me heading in.
Thanksgiving may be over but the time for being thankful has just begun. What are you thankful for? Feel free to comment. :)

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