Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Alright, I'm posting early, because Wednesdays are like the busiest days of my week.
I went to an agricultural museum yesterday with KGR and my three younger sisters (did I mention the four younger kids are homeschooled but Red isn't?) and it was actually kinda fun. Basically The Queen kicked us out of the house for the day so she could paint the living room with grandma. (We also just built a new house and have only been living in it about a month. The paint's rather nice) We went into this cool old church and it was fun to see the little mini piano and everything...
I went outside and looked around and came back, attempting to shut out the cold with my measly little Old Navy jacket, when I heard a thud and a yell from inside the church.
Needless to say, I was not at all surprised, or concerned.
KGR went all Army Sargent. He was no longer the Kind and Generous Rhinoceros. See, what happened was, Goldey Locks wanted to play the mini piano and T.D didn't want her to so she pushed Goldey off the bench and Goldey comes around and hits T.D in the face with her purse.
The smart thing to do was shut up at this point and follow the fuming KGR, nervously past the blacksmith's shop which was full of hammers, icepicks, etc.; things dad was probably itching to get his hands on...
I'll be honest, stuff like this happens in my family more often than you might think. But besides that, it was a good day.
Here's a poem I wrote a few days ago for your enjoyment... I was in a darker mood that day.

 Who can know the darkness?
Who can hear it's thoughts?
Who can tame it's silent cries
Or pull it's secret's taut?

Where does it hide in daytime,
Does it recoil unto the earth?
Does it lie in waiting
For the moon to hail it's birth?

Why does it's quiet beauty
Go unseen by the the world?
As people sleep the night away,
My starry skies unfurl.

Does the devil, slick and sharp,
Do his work at night?
Walk back and forth upon the earth
For those worthy of a fight?

Now, who can know the darkness,
Elegant but wry?
Who alone can love it?
I tell you, none but I.

Well, I've got a guitar lesson and countless other things to do today before youth group, so I'd better hop to it.


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