Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I wrote down a page of my thoughts in my trusty notebook the other day...

"I believe there is no limit to the mind's capacity to wander, to explore. There is no boundary to the amounth of 'muchness' that the brain can discover, if one chooses to let it. I find more and more that the more I daydream, the more focus I have later, and my mind only itches to fly further the next time.
"But many people, I suppose, since the universe was opened to us, refuse to let their brains search freely. Perhaps they're afraid of what they'll find in that dimension; their worst fear, their lost dream, the truth, maybe. Others have tried to push their mind to it's full extent and choose never to do so again because it felt so bizarre and absurd to think so far from the ground we're used to.
"Some, like myself, fall in love with the odd, backwards, magnificent world we discover wihtin our own noggins and press to find out more. And then there are a few... well, the lucky- or unlucky- few who go so far into that personal madness that they are never able to come back to reality again; those we call 'crazy.'
"There;s so, so much to know about the brain's habits, it's intended nature. How different, individual people can mold and create their own worlds in their minds apart from anyone elses. There's so much to know about these worlds in fact, that our scientists only know a fleck or two of what the brain can really do. But every once in a while, when we don't expect it, we are allowed a glimpse of what it's like beyong santiy. In dreams, in the mind-bending shock of horror relived on a screen, in the split second between life and death. Those terryfying moments are what click something in me, what keep me going.
"These are the things that inspire me, help me create and think out my novels. It is the backbone of my creativity, and the foundation of my storyteller's heart. The more I'm able to unlock, the more doors I see to open, and I try to take every opportunity to scrawl them into my nightmarish, twisted pages.
"I don't really believe my mind will ever stop rising higher. There may come a day when God takes my imagination so high that I'll never want it to fall. But I'll tell you a secret- some of the most brilliant people who ever lived were most likely completely bonkers.
"I am odd, I am strange. I am the epitomy of Quirk. I am the Mistress of the Ridiculous and the Lover of the Monster, and I for one shall never, ever stop dreaming."


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